Do You Need To Clean Solar Panels?

An example of solar panel cleaning

Solar panels are an excellent home improvement. They provide clean energy and can lower your monthly utility costs. In addition, they also require little to no maintenance and last for many years before they begin to lose efficiency. In many cases, you may never need to perform any upkeep. However, there are some circumstances when […]

What’s Next After Solar Panel Installation?

A home's roof after solar panel installation

If you’ve recently installed solar panels, congratulations! You’ve taken a great step toward a greener future for our planet and increased savings for yourself and your family. After the installation is complete, you’re almost ready to take advantage of these benefits. There are still a few more steps before everything can start operating and your […]

The Parts of a Solar Panel System

A man installing various parts of a solar panel system

When you think of a solar panel system, your mind may immediately go to the panels themselves. However, there is so much more to a solar system than simply the panels. Multiple devices work together to power your home or business with clean, renewable energy. The five main components in a solar panel system are […]

Top Reasons to Get Solar Panels

A home that is about to get solar panels installed

It’s no secret that solar energy is becoming one of the most popular sources of renewable energy, and it’s clear why solar panels are becoming popular. Rooftop solar panels are now more affordable, efficient, and accessible than ever and anyone from businesses to residential property owners can take advantage of what they have to offer. […]

Why Going Green Matters

A leaf in the shape of a heart to represent going green

From recycling plastic bags to treating chemical products, people are constantly looking for ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Not only can it slow down climate change, but going green also stretches out resources, makes your home more durable, and boosts the economy. It has personal benefits as well, like improving your focus and […]

Is Solar Energy Too Good To Be True?

reducing your energy bills by 100%, converting your home or business to solar energy often seems too good to be true. However, many of the benefits of going solar are true – and then some! The History of Solar Energy While commercial solar panels are a relatively new invention, harnessing solar energy has been done […]

Solar Tax Credits And Incentives

a man installing solar pro panels

Arizona is the sunniest state in the US which is great news if you are considering installing a solar panel system. This renewable energy resource is abundant in our state and is waiting for you to take advantage of it. There is no down payment required for installation and you can save a significant amount of money…

How Do Solar Cells Function?

a solar panel

Solar panels use photovoltaic cells to transform Tucson’s abundant sunlight into energy for your home. This technology can save you money each month, not to mention the tax credit incentives and the positive impact on the environment. Understanding how do solar cells work can give you a new appreciation for these systems..


a man carrying a solar panel

Solar panels in homes are rising in popularity. In the next 10 years, installations are expected to increase by up to four times the current levels. Solar panels are especially popular in Arizona because of the abundance of sunshine. So it is important to know proper solar panel installation process. Installing a system in your…

Tips for a more energy-efficient house

Many people are looking for ways to make their homes more energy-efficient and it’s not hard to understand why. Energy efficiency saves you money and helps the planet – it’s a win-win! Creating an energy-efficient home may also be easier than you think. Even making a few changes can have a significant impact.