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Commercial Solar Panels

Solar energy can power more than just homes. Making the switch to solar can be a great move for your business. At Solar Pros, we install commercial solar panels for small businesses, schools, and churches. Depending on your location, we can place these on the rooftop or on top of carports and parking structures. We will discuss the options with you and help you find a solar solution that fits your needs.

Which businesses can benefit from solar?

Solar technology has become more cost-effective, it’s not only big companies that can benefit from installing panels. Even small businesses can take advantage of energy savings while also helping the planet. In general, the panels work best if you have a large roof, parking structure, or carport that is exposed to direct sunlight. We can examine your property and provide a detailed plan for how to best implement solar and will answer any questions you may have about how to best implement solar and will answer any questions you may have about how this solution will work for your unique situation.

Benefits of solar energy for business:

Save money on
your electric bill

Electricity costs continue to rise each year and installing solar panels allows you to lock in a lower price. You get a credit for any energy you put back into the grid and you can still save money even if you need to use some electricity beyond what your panels produce. Lowering your utility expenses can free up money to reinvest into growing your business.

Solar tax incentives

Like homeowners, business owners can take advantage of federal and state tax incentives for installing solar panels. You can deduct the depreciation on the system up to 90% for the first four years, in addition to a 26% federal tax credit and 10% state tax credit. These are not applicable for tax-exempt entities such as churches or schools, but most small businesses are able to take advantage of these incentives.

Increased property value

If you intend to eventually sell your commercial property, adding solar panels can increase its value. This is for the same reasons that these systems are attractive to potential home buyers. A business equipped with solar has lower operating costs, and this can be a great selling point.

Send a strong message

Installing solar panels makes it clear to your customers and the community as a whole that you care about the environment. Solar is a renewable source of energy and as going green continues to become a larger focus, making the switch is a great way to help the planet while also attracting eco-conscious customers.

Solar for your Business

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