Solar panels reflecting the sky.

Solar energy is increasing in popularity in the United States and the world as the demand for renewable energy sources continues to rise. However, some home and business owners may be hesitant to adopt it due to myths they’re heard or read about on the Internet. In this blog, we will set the record straight so that falsehoods don’t prevent you from reaping the benefits of solar energy. 

The top five most common misconceptions about solar energy, along with their reality, are:

  1. Myth: Solar panels do not operate in cloudy weather

Fact: Solar panels will function during any kind of weather

Solar energy technology allows the panels to capture sunlight through the clouds and continue generating energy for your home or business despite the weather. In fact, panels can sometimes perform better in cold and cloudy conditions because high temperatures can interfere with the panels as they convert solar energy. 

  1. Myth: Solar systems are high maintenance

Fact: Solar systems require almost no maintenance when properly installed

Typically, your panels will only need upkeep if outside circumstances damage them. They also don’t need to be cleaned unless they get dirty enough that sunlight cannot reach the solar cells (the electronic device that converts light energy to electricity), which is very rare.

  1. Myth: Going solar is too expensive  

Fact: Going solar is more affordable than ever

The federal Investment Tax Credit offers credit for 22% of the cost of your solar system. In addition, the State of Arizona provides an income tax credit for 25% of the cost of your system, with a cap of $1,000. At Solar Pros, we also offer to make at least six months of payments for you when you choose us as your solar panel installer.

  1. Myth: Reselling your home is difficult when you have solar panels installed

Fact: Solar panels increase the property value of your home

Many buyers appreciate the value of solar energy and are willing to pay more for a home with panels installed. In some cases, buyers will pay as much as $15,000 more for a home with a solar system. 

  1. Myth: Solar panels will damage your roof

Fact: Solar panels are not attached directly to your roof

Well-installed solar panels will never cause your roof to leak. In the unlikely event that they need repairs, the panels can be easily removed since they are mounted on top of the roof rather than attached to it directly. In fact, solar panels can help protect and preserve your roof from the elements since they cover it. 

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