solar energy panels on a roof installed by solar pros

Reducing your energy bills by 100%, and converting your home or business to solar energy often seems too good to be true. However, many of the benefits of going solar are true – and then some!

The History of Solar Energy

While commercial solar panels are a relatively new invention, harnessing solar energy has been done in many creative ways over the centuries. People used magnifying glasses to concentrate the power of the sun to make it easier to start a fire as early as 700 BC. In the 1800s, physicists, inventors, and scientists observed and experimented with the photovoltaic solar effect. This process produces electric currents from light or radiant energy.

Researchers built the first photovoltaic cell in the 1950s, which converted sunlight into usable energy. While the device was inefficient by today’s standards, it was a breakthrough that paved the way for future advances in solar energy. During the late ‘90s, solar panels got smaller, more efficient, and received government support. Now, solar technologies are more efficient than ever.

Myths About Solar Energy

One of the main reasons solar energy seems too good to be true is all of the misconceptions surrounding it. Many of these myths can easily be disproven, however.

A few of the most common myths about solar panels and the truth behind them are:

Myth – Solar Panels Are Too Expensive for Residential Use

Solar panel installation is more affordable than ever. Through the end of 2022, the federal government offers a 26% tax credit for solar panel installation. In addition, the state of Arizona offers a $1,000 tax credit incentive. Solar panels also pay for themselves. They can reimburse you up to 400% of the initial cost of installation throughout their lifetime.

When you choose Solar Pros, your monthly payments can be as low as $89 a month. We will also make the first six months’ worth of payments for you.

Myth – Solar Energy Only Works When the Sun is Shining

Solar panels work regardless of if the sun is shining or not. While they do not technically produce energy at night, they will still power your home or business after the sun has set with methods like net metering and solar battery storage. Net metering is the process of using excess energy produced during the day at times when your system is not producing as much power. In addition, a solar battery stores and charges energy throughout the day to use at night or during cloudy days.

Myth – Solar Panel Installation is Complicated and Lengthy and They Require a Lot of Maintenance Afterward

Solar panel installation is done in seven simple steps. It is also a quick process. Solar Pros can have your system installed and operating within one month. Solar panels require little to no maintenance as well. They will only need repairs or cleaning if the weather conditions damage them or get them dirty enough that sunlight cannot reach the photovoltaic cells, which is a rare occurrence. 

Solar Panel Installation With Solar Pros 

Solar panel installation is made easy with Solar Pros. Our team of experts will walk you through the entire process and answer any questions that may arise. Your system is also covered by our 25-year Production Guarantee. If your panels ever produce less power than promised, Solar Pros will fix the problem and reimburse you for any lost energy costs.

Contact Solar Pros today if you are interested in taking advantage of all of the benefits of solar energy.